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Hanging Bowling

Our hanging bowling field offers good fun not for children only, but for adults, too. This activity is a good programme for the whole family, as big and small can play together, enjoying the company.
Have you never tried it? It is high time!


Have you never tried it? It is high time!

Hanging bowling is an ageless game that started to spread in the 1960-ies, especially in resort hotels, corporate sports facilities and open-air swimming pools. Nowadays it can be found at less and less places, but our hotel is one of those places where you can still play with it.
The point is to swing a ball that hangs on a rope, in a way that it bypasses the standing pins, and on its way back it should hit as many as possible from the nine pins. A pin hit by the ball flying out is not a valid point. After the hit, you should catch the ball, so it does not hit more pins by moving to the centre position. There are two types of rules, one of them is the full throw, when you should hit as many pins as you can in a given number of throws, and the other one is striking, when you have to knock down the pins with the least possible throws,
If you like retro games and want to bring your family or friends together, the hanging bowling is always a good solution!