Our goal has always been to not only provide indulging relaxation to our guests with delicious dishes, kind service, our wellness section and comfortable accommodation options, but to also provide unforgettable experiences and active recreation options.

Our services were formed for everybody to find the one most suitable for themselves, their families or their colleagues. We can offer everyone the right entertaining activities, both children and adults have fun here.

You can relax in the fresh, open air or in the building of the castle hotel. The wellness, the horse riding, the hunting, the automatic bowling alley and game room, the tennis, the table tennis, the bowling alley, the outdoor chess, the playground and the cycling all offer opportunities that provide pleasant relaxation options to all age groups.

Try our services

Choose the ones most attractive to you that will relax and energize you, but you can also just try some of them. Visit us and indulge in the peace of the rural ambiance and enjoy the active recreation or the unforgettable moments offered by relaxation.