Castle Hotel

The Teleki-Dégenfeld castle is one of the most beautiful baroque castles of the country. It preserved the style of the Baroque age thanks to the continuous maintenance. It takes you back to the 16th-18th century. The castle built in 1748 can be found 75 kilometres from Budapest in Nógrád county. Our castle, also functioning as a 4-star hotel, is one of the gems of the international holiday chain Forever Resorts from 2002.

The Castle Hotel has got 27 double bed rooms with bathrooms and suites. These rooms can be found in the main building of the castle, in its annexes and in its wellness centre. All of the rooms are different with unique furniture. We left most of them in their authentic forms to make the experience even more fascinating. Some of the suites have a Pacific Ocean style thanks to the bamboo furniture and its lively colours.

Besides royal comfort and relaxation, we welcome you with refreshing services and programs. Either you would like an active or a restful relaxation, our professional chef will make your time spent in the castle full with enticing meals. We recommend trying our Paloc dishes!

Among our services, you can find our wellness department, game room, bowling alley, but if you love the nature, you have the opportunity to ride horses or go on simple or bicycle trips through the ancient park.

Entering the Teleki-Dégenfeld Castle, its elegant, majestic style and pleasant, friendly atmosphere captivates everyone. Learn about the past of the castle hotel or its name givers’, the Teleki and Dégenfeld families’ history, and if you wish to know more curiosities, read on the sides of each room and suite who they got their name after and who were their occupants.

And if you are ready to travel back in time and live through this special and unforgettable experience that the few days spent in the castle hotel offers again in person, visit us, you are very much welcome!

Travel back in time and learn more about the Teleki-Dégenfeld castle hotel and its name giver family!