Suites, Rooms

In our castle hotel, you will definitely find the suite or room that best suits your needs, so that your time spent with us will be as relaxing as you imagined.

Whether you stay in the main or wing building, in the attic or in the wellness department, in a suite or in a room, we provide both complete relaxation and active rest combined with time travel.

All the rooms have their own story, which is why they are considered very exceptional. Counts of the famous Teleki family also rested their heads in these rooms at night. That’s why we named all the rooms after their former residents, who played a significant role in the history of Szirák and even the country. With this gesture, we wanted to pay tribute to the Teleki family and preserve their name for posterity.

Deluxe suites

Our most popular rooms are the Deluxe suites, which await our guests who desire truly exclusive elegance in the main building of the castle. There are only four rooms in this category, so you should book them as soon as possible. All of them are furnished with antique-style luxury, modern technology and the comfort of a count.

from HUF 58,900 / 2 people / night

Main building superior rooms

The second step up in our category are the equally exclusive Superior Rooms. They are smaller than the Deluxe suites, but they are furnished in the same period style and well equipped, and they await those who want comfort and relaxation. In the main building of the castle, you can choose the room that best suits your taste from 4 rooms with completely individual furnishings.

from HUF 46,900 / 2 people / night

Wing superior rooms

Our Superior rooms in the wing building are also on the second rung of our category, so just like in our superior rooms in the main building, here too, count comfort and contemporary furnishings await. Choose the one you like the most from among the 10 uniquely furnished and atmospheric rooms!

from HUF 40,900 / 2 people / night

Classic rooms

7 of our classic rooms are located in the attic of the right and left wings of the castle. Any room can be a great choice, as the period furniture reflecting old fashion not only offers comfort and relaxation, but also a little time travel to the past..

from HUF 32,900 / 2 people / night

Sonya Wellness suite and Superior room

Our wellness department includes a suite and a superior room. They differ in their atmosphere and style from the rooms in the castle and its wing buildings, as they follow the oriental style with their dominant bamboo furnishings. If you want to relax and unwind, choose these rooms!

from HUF 46,900 / 2 people / night