Program recommendation

We made this little program list for people wanting to go on trips and relax from the sights and natural wonders of Palócföld.

Malom Udvar

Bér, Táncsis út 9.

The Malom Udvar is the first place that has a Hungarian-Philippine restaurant where two cultures coexist peacefully. Numerous program opportunities await you in this amazing environment as well.

Distance: 6 kilometres

Andesite flow of Bér


Visiting the andesite flow of Bér, where volcanoes were active millions of years ago, can be a perfect program for the weekend if you would like to make special and unforgettable memories.

Distance: 6 kilometres

Andesite Hostel


The hunting lodge of Bér welcomes children and grown-ups alike with numerous relaxing programs. Farmhouses, tavern, horses kept in the open, peacocks, camels… In the small village surrounded by hills you will not only find peace but also a beautiful view!

Distance: 7 kilometres

Doll museum of Vanyarc


Visiting the doll museum of Vanyarc can be a great pastime for those who are interested in the treasures of the past and would like to see the traditional costume of the village presented on miniature dolls.

Distance: 8 kilometres



On the Kálvária-hill you can learn about the history of the baroque-style Anna chapel which was a hermit lodge. Visit the Kálvária where you can admire the landscape as well as the stone cross and sculptures.

Distance: 14 kilometres

Castle ruins of Buják


You can reach the castle ruins of Buják, which went through a lot of sieges throughout history, on many different paths. The slope of the path is compensated by the amazing 360-degree view. If the weather is nice, it is worth visiting this sight and hiking in the fresh air of the nature.

Distance: 15 kilometres

Tarn of Apc

Apc, Széles-kő bányató

Far away from the noise of the world, close to the wonders of nature: the tarn of Apc is a perfect choice for those who long for both relaxation and entertainment and for those who like to bathe, scuba dive, fish and hike in the nature.

Distance: 18 kilometres

Zoo of Gyöngyös

Gyöngyös, Damjanich út 31.

In the zoo of Gyöngyös, you can meet countless animals both from Hungary and from all around the world. There are also many entertaining and colourful programs for children.

Distance: 18 kilometres

Szent Kereszt well

Szurdokpüspöki, Rákóczi Ferenc u. 15.

The holy well of Szurdokpüspöki can be a perfect place for those who want to relax and reenergize in the nature. Experience the energizing and healing effects of the positive energies!

Distance: 18 kilometres

House of our Past

Szurdokpüspöki, Szabadság tér 17.

In the Múltunk Háza (House of our Past) of Szurdokpüspöki you can get insight into the interesting collections and treasures of the past.

Distance: 18 kilometres

Educational path of Diós


The educational path of Diós is one of the new routes of the Mátra hills. During this 3-hour long trip, you can admire the natural values, the flora and the fauna. Get refreshed by the water of the Delelő and the Gúnár wells! Be real adventurers!

Distance: 18 kilometres

Viewpoint of Sasbérc


The viewpoint of Sasbérc, which is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the region, awaits visitors, including families with small children who like shorter trips, with amazing panorama.

Distance: 20 kilometres

Enlightenment stupa

Becske, Csiga-hegy

Among the ranges of the Cserhát hills, the small Buddhist stupa is a perfect place for calm contemplation. You can admire the building and learn a lot of useful information about the Hungarian Buddhist life and its most notable educators.

Distance: 21 kilometres

Hunting Museum

Hatvan, Kossuth Lajos tér 24.

In the Hunting Museum, you can see numerous permanent exhibitions. The history of the hunter profession, the habitats and wild species of the Carpathian Basin, the fishing profession, the world of the Grassalkovich castle and many other experiences await you!

Distance: 28 kilometres

Paloc village of Hollókő

Visit this real Hungarian traditional village! In Hollókő, you can get among Paloc peasant families. Take part in crafting programs, look around in the museums, visit the old town, go along the educational paths and learn about the castle of Hollókő!

Distance: 33 kilometres

Mátraverebély – Holy well

Mátraverebély-Szentkút 14.

One of the oldest and most visited pilgrimage sites of Hungary is the holy well near Mátraverebély. Take a trip near the anchorages, baroque style shrines and the spring groups laying in an amazing and cool valley.

Distance: 39 kilometres

Mátra hills and its vicinity

Visit the Mátra hills and its vicinity, where the highest point of Hungary and countless fun and relaxing experiences and places await everybody, including the dogcart trip of Mátrafüred, the Skipark, the Mátra railway and a lot of other colourful programs!

Distance: 45 kilometres