Team-building training venue

Team-building training venue

Step out of the busy weekdays and the usual bustling urban environment and enrich the team with shared experiences in the countryside!

Raise the cooperation and efficiency within the team to a higher level at the team-building training venue located in a picturesque environment, in the Szirák Castle Hotel!

There are many reasons why a company might want to organize a team building event. Finding the right location is of great importance, because it also determines whether you can create a team of employees who can solve any problem and contribute to the boosting of your company and increase your profits with their enthusiasm, loyalty and efficiency.

Based on experience so far, the real transformation can mostly take place in a calm environment, away from the usual hustle and bustle. The country air will also have an effect on your colleagues, making them see the world through different eyes. Here you will find both a historic baroque environment and the harmony of nature.

This is exactly what we offer you. Build an even more productive team in a special place, away from the city noise, in the picturesque surroundings of Szirák.

Team building program opportunities

Secrets of Teleki-Degenfeld Castle Hotel

A treasure game that not only adults enjoy! The programme involves teams of 4×4 people. The task is to use GPS to find the hidden chests and solve the task in them, which provides additional information to discover the secret of the castle.

Team building program for making short films

The screenwriter of the Hétpróbás Produkció disappeared and abandoned the script of a film. You have to finish this in small groups, then shoot the stories, then cut them so that all the films can be shown at the Oscars tonight. How to make a professional short film in a day? You can try it out in Wallace&Webb’s „Hétpróbások” film-making team-building programme.

Team-building film dubbing

Are you looking for a few hours of fun, creative and entertaining program for your team? Be a voice actor! Try how a famous movie sounds when the well-known actors speak in the voices of your colleagues, and the story is completely different than it was originally. All this is guaranteed by the Wallace&Webb “Be in sync!” film dubbing and team building program.

Micsutka farm

The teams have the opportunity to see the everyday life of village farming and the phases of agricultural work at the Micsutka farm located in the Szirák area. You could help take care of the animals and learn about folk traditions. You can try the farming tasks typical of the Nógrád countryside and taste the local backyard products. You can try mechanical and manual milking of cattle, taste milk and dairy products, and slaughter poultry. You can ride, drive a carriage, swing, collect eggs, plant clovers, herd geese, feed and water calves.

Retro party

An unmissable evening party is a Retro Party, where everyone can find the music they like best. It’s a great way to relax and a great way to end the day.

Trip to Hollókő

And as an active vacation, we can’t recommend anything better than a trip to Hollókő, where you can spend your free time interspersed with castle games and drinking palinka. We can recommend a tour guide for this, and if you wish, you can expand the day with additional programs here.

Castle Tavern

If the outdoor programs fail due to bad weather, we can move the venue from the Castle garden to the Castle Tavern. You don’t have to worry that the indoor programs will be less interesting, because you can colour them with lots of ideas! You also have the option of having private gatherings.

Team building potluck

A team-building potluck is a great opportunity to bring a community together. In this case, they could prepare two or even three dishes.

Grill party

The garden of the Castle Tavern is the perfect place for a barbecue party, because it is the ideal location for a relaxed evening. Marinated meats, charcoal-grilled vegetables and fresh salads are served on the table, and the good mood is up to you!

Roasting – Skewering

Skewering reminds us of the summer evenings of our childhood. Sitting around the fire, the atmosphere is always much more intimate, as people open up more easily during such an occasion.



The impressive building and rooms of the Teleki-Degenfeld Castle in Szirak, in addition to being awe-inspiring, provided the perfect location for the Human Resources Support Manager’s leadership trainings, team building programs, and small and large group presentations.
During the breaks of the professional trainings, the baroque-style castle offers sports and entertainment opportunities, its kitchen offers gastronomic experiences, while its picturesque park offers real relaxation for the guests.
Being a native of Nógrád County, this castle is even closer to my heart, and I can recommend it for corporate and wedding events, as well as for visitors looking for relaxation.

Human Resources Support Officer


Our team building program held at the Hotel was a perfect success thanks to the location’s great features and the Hotel staff’s customer-focused approach. During our program, we were in constant contact with the hotel’s management, as a result of which they were able to adjust the hotel’s meals, preparations, and evening program with full flexibility to our program. The fact that the hotel was able to make the necessary spaces available to us with great flexibility also contributed to the success of our team building program.

MOL Petrolkémia Zrt.


We held our end-of-year team meeting here on 15-16 Dec 2016. We were here for the first time and everyone was impressed by the historic setting. Thank you for the warm welcome and culinary delights.
We are happy to come back anytime and will recommend this beautiful castle to others.

Bayer Hungária’s clinical research team


We thank you with a grateful heart for the wonderful stay, the kind service, the many smiles and helpfulness of the receptionists.
We return home with many wonderful experiences, which for us is the beginning of a process of return.
The environment was perfect for relaxation and recreation, but also for team building!
Thank you very much for all these opportunities!

The Léva FLP super team


Thank you for your warm hospitality and kind service!
Congratulations to the chef and the whole staff of the kitchen for the gastronomic experience. We enjoyed our time in the spa and on the bowling alley.
We thank all the staff for everything, we are very grateful.

Employees of Németh Kft. from Kaposvár

Ask for our offer!

If you are interested and would like more information, please ask for our offer and our colleagues will contact you shortly!


Recommended access by car from the direction of Budapest from the M3 motorway, turning off at Bag, on the route Aszód – Kartal – Verseg – Héhalom – Egyházasdengeleg – Szirák.


Our guests arriving by car have the opportunity to park in the parking lot opposite the castle, which is equipped with security cameras and protected by a security service.

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