Wedding Open Day

Let the place fascinate you!

You probably agree that one of the most important factors of weddings is the venue itself. Therefore we would like to help you and use the open days to present you the possibilities offered by the mansion at Szirák.

Do you already know where your wedding will be?

If your answer is no, we can help you. We intend to organise events that will make it much easier for the pairs, too, as they will learn the place, and how a professional and breathtaking wedding should look like. We listen to every little detail that may be important on The Big Day, as you would be surprised to know how many details need to be planned, and in the case of weddings, even the smallest factor counts! We have good experience, you may rely on us.

On the Wedding Open Day:

  • we offer welcome drinks to the young couples
  • we show them around in the mansion
  • they may learn about hidden possibilities
  • we let them taste the menu we compose
  • we help them find the perfect hairdo and make-up
  • we present the band

Would you prefer an outdoor or civil service?

We have room for both, and we will show it, so that you know where to have the ceremony. It does not matter if the weather is nice or cold, we are able to offer several options, as the ceremonies may be held inside the mansion and in the outdoor areas, too.

Wedding in the village

Rural weddings are more and more popular, as you may have a much more intimate experience if you get away from the noise of towns, and this is true not only for those who want a traditional village wedding, but to pairs who have unique plans for their wedding.

Select a band or a DJ, both will be excellent in the mansion, and the guests will enjoy the spacious dance floor! Apart from entertainment, the second main consideration at each wedding is food! The restaurant of our mansion employs excellent cooks who have won several prizes, so you can sit back and relax, you do not have to worry about the quality! All you have to do is select the menu for the wedding.

And following all the eating and partying, everybody needs some rest before leaving for home, and luckily, you can select from a number of suites and rooms in our hotel, so the guests will have a place to have some rest after all the excitement!

Come and get acquainted with the wedding venue of your dreams!

If you wish to receive further information, write to us and we will contact you!