Wedding in the mansion

Have The Big Day of your life in our hotel!

Have you always dreamt of a wedding in a mansion? It is not out of reach, as the Teleki-Degenfeld Kastélyszálló at Szirák is one of the best places for a perfect wedding! If you want a big wedding party with lots of relatives, or a romantic, more family-like atmosphere, this is the right time!

We know that you may have plenty of questions about the wedding, therefore we offer you some help, so that you could find your way in the abundance of options! Everything is possible in the mansion, the range of ideas is endless! From the organisation and the ceremony to the journey on the following day, we help you in everything! 

Venue for a wedding? Say yes!

It is the location that makes our hotel special, as any idea may be realised here! Outside or inside, there is no obstacle! You may say “I do” in our garden, or within the walls of the mansion!

We will decorate the garden as you wish, paying attention to every little detail, and if you are planning to have the meal after the ceremony in the garden, the weather may not ruin your dream, as we can set up marquees, too! Inside the building, within the ancient walls, even modern effects The first moments of your joint life

esküvői helyszín

The first moments of your joint life

It is a great step to vow eternal faith to each other, therefore we try to make everything perfect, as it is said to determine your joint future. This will be a day you will always remember.

Wedding in the village

What else would come to your mind first than a rich meal and throwing a big party? You cannot and you should not avoid Hungarian traditions. In our restaurant, the most delicious meals are served to your guests, according to a preliminarily reconciled menu, as the satisfaction of the wedding party is key to the atmosphere of the wedding! In addition, we offer a solution to the second most frequent problem: accommodation for the guests. After the wedding, the guests do not have to travel home, they can have a rest in our rooms, even for several days, as the harmonisation of opposites is getting more and more fashionable.

esküvői helyszín

True wedding atmosphere

The selection of the right music is a problem for a lot of people, as everyone has a different taste, but in our hotel, you may select a DJ or a band, both are excellent in the house, and the guests will certainly have a great time! They say opposites attract each other. This is true not only in the majority of partnerships, but in fashion and various areas of life, too. Why could you not have a clean, modern wedding in a rustic mansion, far from the noisy towns?

Get acquainted with the mansion and the hidden opportunities, which may not be obvious at first sight!

Do you need a more beautiful venue for a wedding? Ask for an offer, and we will contact you!

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