Wedding photography

Capture the moment

Special wedding photography is more and more popular. Those days are gone when photos were taken in studios, with typical set smiles, which often seemed artificial. Instead, at our place, the natural scene itself will look great on the pictures, the smiles will be carefree and more sincere, and be it warm or cold, outdoor photos are always a good choice.


Wedding photography will be an experience itself, as it takes place at one of the most special places. Any idea can be realised in the building or outside. When you see the place, you will immediately have an idea about what and how you wish regarding the photos.

Photography is possible any time, before or after the wedding. The green countryside or the snow-covered hills take you to a different world, the number of possibilities is endless. Owing to the special furniture, magnificent pictures can be taken inside the mansion, too.

esküvői fotózás

Organisation? No problem!

If you have no time to find a professional photographer, leave this task to us, and one more burden will be off your shoulders before the wedding! Concentrate on The Big Day, and we will provide everything! We can help you find the photographer, the time and the various decorations, whatever you dreamt of. Be it simple or extra, the venue is ideal for any idea.

If you wish to receive further information, write to us and we will contact you!