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Table tennis

Table tennis is called ping-pong, too, and it is one of the best sports for two or four people. This is the best activity, as it can be played indoor, too, not only outdoor. At our place, both are feasible, depending on the weather or your current mood.


It has been one of our favourite activity for long, and you do not have to worry if you are not a professional, as it is much better to play with friends. You can have good laughs together, and this will be a nice memory later. You can even have a “cutthroat” competition, if winning is very important.

If there are more people, you can play in pairs, so that nobody is left out. Some people might think this is not good enough for exercise, but we have to say that they are wrong, as it also requires intensive concentration like any other sport. It requires full concentration to hit the ball properly, and the quick shots will make it a very intensive sporting activity.

We hope that your opinion will change about this game, even if you have never tried it or did not really like it before.

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