The Sonya Wellness Health & Beauty section

The Sonya Wellness Health & Beauty section was established in the three-storey building in the park of the mansion. This building used to be an inn.

You can experience the feeling of perfect relaxation, as you may not only relax after the everyday tasks in a refreshing environment, but you will get professional help, too, in our wellness centre. Everything is set up in a way that they radiate peace and quiet, so that when you enter, you can feel that you may let your troubles go. We want you to find your inner harmony, therefore we combined the Pacific and the Middle-Eastern style with the ancient nature of the building to make you feel in a different world. In the centre, we established a Sonya Wellness suite, a Sonya Wellness Superior room and a Wellness cocktail bar, to make your relaxation absolutely perfect.
You may ask for any massage type, and when you let all the stress go, you will be totally renewed! In our milk bath, you will feel like Cleopatra. We make sure that our guests stay healthy during their holidays. Use the salt cabin if you wish to clean your lungs from the smog!
For relaxation, you may use the usual forms, like the bubble bath and the counter current pool. In the separate rest area, you can have a chat with your family between two massages (which you are free to choose), or just enjoy the peace and the quiet. We can offer beauty treatments, too, to ladies. These requests need to be indicated in advance, so that they are available on time!
We know that lots of our guests choose the wonderful location of Szirák, because the environment is relaxing, the air is fresh, and there is no need to worry about the tiring weekdays. We can say that you may let your everyday problems go, and spend a few days at a fabulous place, to fill you with energy.

Believe us, you will be renewed when you go home!