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Playing ground

A playing ground is good fun for every child, as time spent in the open air is not only useful, but entertaining , too.


The playing ground is full of possibilities, children can enjoy the experiences provided by the jungle gym, the swing or the slide, so good mood is guaranteed, too, and time flies with the children of our guests! Apart from making new friends, parents can devote some time to themselves: while their child plays and exhausts his or her energy, the parents may enjoy the relaxing rural environment in the company of a good book.
If the weather does not allow for outdoor playing, it is possible to play in our indoor gaming room. The time spent together will be unforgettable!
After a day spent like that, it will not be a problem to put children into bed, as they will be both physically and mentally tired, and you will also sleep better. If you still have some energy left after our wellness services and biking tours, you can use them up in the park of the hotel.