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Outdoor chess

One of our most special activities is outdoor chess. You are able to think much better in the fresh air, no wonder that there are chess tables in parks. An ideal environment, where it is much easier to figure out the next move and the outcome of the battle. It sharpens your mind, as it makes you think, but it is relaxing, because you do not have to worry about everyday problems, you can sink into the game totally. A never-ending game of chess is only the beginning, because if you taste the flavour of the game, you will not be able to stop it.


We would like the children to take a liking at this noble game, too. Chess itself has a good reputation and traditions, and its outdoor form is a completely new chapter in the life of the game. One of its greatest advantage is that we can keep the values in this accelerated world, and use our heads, as it is easy to get used to phones and solving everything in a minute!

Outdoor chess allows you to discover the unknown, and provides a different way of entertainment.