Teleki-Degenfeld Kastélyszálló**** Szirák
Forever Resorts

About us

The Teleki-Dégenfeld mansion is one of the nicest baroque mansions in Hungary. Owing to the continuous care, it has preserved the characteristics of the baroque era up to this day,  It makes us feel as if we dropped back to 16th-18th centuries. The mansion was built in 1748, and it is located 75 km from Budapest, in Nógrád county. Operating as a four-star hotel, the mansion has been one of the gems of the international holiday resort chain, Forever Resorts, that is present in many countries around the world, since 2002.

Teleki-Degenfeld kastély

The Hotel has 27 double rooms and suites with bath.  These rooms are located in the main building, in the wings and in the wellness centre of the mansion. Each room has different and unique furniture. Most of them are left in their original form, so that they could offer a truly fascinating experience.  With bamboo and vivid colours, some of the suites reflect a Pacific style.