Workshop and training

Think in the country with a clear mind!

The Teleki-Degenfeld Kastélyszálló Szirák is an ideal place to organise workshops and trainings, too. For these events that are usually held with a low number of participants, it is important to have a family atmosphere so that everyone could be relaxed.  Some of our rooms create a collective atmosphere, therefore they are able to host events in good spirit. Naturally, we pay attention to all the important details.

Let yourself be fascinated by the atmosphere of the mansion!


Professional team

Our staff members will do their best to make sure that the event takes place without any problems, and nothing disturbs the lectures.


We have all the equipment you might need for the training, but we are able to satisfy individual requirements, too, in a flexible way. The technical conditions are available and meet the highest expectations.

Plan with us, and organise your company’s next workshop or training in our mansion!

We have room for both workshop lectures and interactive games, as our conference rooms provide room for presentations, while the garden offers relaxation for the attendees with playful exercises.

Available rooms:

Name of room Area U-shape arrangement Arrangement with lines of chairs Natural light Direct exit to the garden
Assembly hall 100 m2 55 100 x
Saloon 42 m2 20 35 x
Small meeting room 42 m2 20 35 x
Library 26 m2 10 20 x
Loft 45 m2 20 40
Wine cellar 35 m2 25 40 x x
Parlour in restaurant 56 m2 30 40 x x
Restaurant 60 m2 56 80
Kastély Csárda 48 m2 20 30

In the case of a conference with a large number of guests, parking is not a problem, as the parking place in front of the building is enough for all vehicles. Each room has its own acoustics, furniture, atmosphere, therefore it is important to reconcile everything in advance, so that we could offer the best solution to you.


What else do we offer?

  • friendly service
  • rooms of various sizes, as required
  • snacks and drinks, as required
  • assistance in organisation

It is worth utilizing the outdoor locations for workshops, too, to make your training a real experience. The professional services of the event organising team and the hotel will make trainings real experiences, as the recreation facilities guarantee relaxation for the attendees.

If you are planning an event of several days, our nicely furnished and pleasant suites and rooms are available to you!

The package prices included in the table will help you in collecting information and planing:

dinner X X
Basics: coffee, tea, mineral water, soft drinks, biscuits
Fruits X
Sandwiches X X
Assembly hall
Small meeting room
internet connection
flip-chart optional
projector optional
mobile screen optional
pin-wand board
DVD and CD player
LCD television
video camera, video projector

If you wish to receive further information, write to us and we will contact you!