Team building

Get out of your usual environment!

There are many reasons why a company wishes to organise team building. Finding the right location is of primary importance, as it also influences whether or not they manage to form a real team from their staff, a team that is able to solve any problem later. Spend your free time together at a special place, far from the noise of the town, in a picturesque environment, at Szirák. The real transformation may take place at a quiet place only, far from your usual environment.

Build an efficient team in the country!


The fresh air will have an impact on the staff, they will see the world through different eyes. They will meet both the historic baroque environment and the harmony of nature.

Let your team gain experiences in our mansion!


Team-building programmes:

Secrets of the Teleki-Degenfeld mansion

A treasure game enjoyed not only by adults! Teams of 4 may participate in the programme. The task is to use a GPS and find the hidden boxes, then solve the puzzles, which will offer further information to explore the secret of the mansion.

Nordic Walking & Geocaching

The emphasis is on joint entertainment again, as everyone may gain plenty of new experiences. The team equipped with trekking poles and GPS sets out to find the boxes we hid with gifts in them. This game is organised according to the rules described on the website.

Micsutka farm

The teams may get an insight into the every-day life of farmers in the village and the phases of agricultural work at the Micsutka farm, also at Szirák. Team members may get involved in looking after the animals, and get acquainted with folk traditions. You may try farming activities and products that characterize the region of Nógrád. You may try the automated and manual milking of cows, and taste the milk, the dairy products, and kill poultry. You may ride horses, carts and carriages, collect eggs, set hens, drive geese, give fodder and water to calves.


Retro party

Unmissable evening fun at a Retro Party, where everybody may find the music he or she likes best. This is good fun and a great way to close the day.

Trip to Hollókő

For active relaxation, we have no better idea but a trip to Hollókő, where you can spend your free time by watching the show in the castle and tasting some pálinka. We can offer a guide for that, and you may extend the day with additional programmes, too.

Any idea is feasible at our place. In addition to the team building programmes, the groups may take advantage of the facilities of the hotel, too. The guests may have relaxing massage and beauty treatments, and use our Sonya Wellness Health & Beauty Centre. If you prefer active recreation, and love sports, you will also find the ideal programmes.

Kastély csárda

Should the bad weather hinder outdoor programmes, the venue may be shifted from the garden to the Csárda. There is no need to worry about indoor programmes, that they would be less interesting, as there are plenty of ideas to make them colourful. You may hold private meetings, too.

Team-building outdoor cooking in cauldron

The team-building outdoor cooking is a great way to bring the members of a community closer to each other. You may cook two or three dishes, if you wish.


The garden of the Kastély Csárda is really suitable for a barbecue, as it is an ideal place for a relaxed evening. Marinated meats, vegetables grilled on charcoal and fresh salads are served, and the good atmosphere is only up to you!

Grilling bacon

This will bring up memories of summer evenings in our childhood. Sitting around the fire, we get into a more intimate mood, and people open up more easily in these situations.


When it is raining

Apart from the Kastély Csárda, the gaming room is another option for having fun. You may try the automated bowling alley, the billiard, the typhoon table and the table soccer. These games are excellent means of team-building.


Wine tasting

In our wine cellar, pleasant wine tasting can be organised, presenting three types of wines served with scones and soda water.

Pálinka tour

According to Hungarian customs, you must taste pálinka, a hard liquor full of interesting flavours. Try it for a hearty appetite! We offer small and big pálinka tours. In the big tour, six types of pálinka can be tasted, served with potato lángos, crescent rolls with feta cheese and soda water.

Cocktail party

The company is always happy to have some extra surprises, such as a cocktail party, where everyone can enjoy the colourful and delicious drinks. Three-hour evening programme.


At the end of team-building, everyone deserves a little bit of relaxation! The Sonya Health & Beauty Wellness section welcomes those wishing to relax, and they may choose from various massage types and beauty treatments!


Massage offer with two masseurs

  • Refreshing, relaxing, aromatic Swedish massage
  • Indian head massage
  • Sole massage
  • Slimming, cellulite massage

These programmes offer unique experiences, so the team may become a true community. There are lots of possibilities you may try in our hotel. You do not have to worry about the weather, either, as you may select from a wide range of programmes both in good and bad weather. We always have an emergency plan, so that none of the groups feels they miss something.

In our Wellness section, furnished with bamboo, the Pacific nature dominates in the internal design of the building. Our services are adjusted to this style. We guarantee the relaxation of both body and soul, anyone tired of long weekdays can relax here. The building houses pools with counter current, hot sauna, bubble bath and salt chamber, as well as refreshing, medical, slimming, lymph and sole massage. If you need hairdressing, manicure, pedicure and massage services, we are at your disposal after preliminary reconciliation.


If you wish to receive further information, write to us and we will contact you!